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About Thrive

The Thrive Center was established to Spotlight Innovation and Promote Healthy Aging

It all started with a vision to transform the quality of life – and quality of care – through connecting healthcare innovators with the aging care population.

Thrive is a unique consortium of people, ideas and a bricks and mortar center unlike anything in the world. Thrive Alliance is comprised of a collaborative group of innovators, researchers and healthcare providers from across the United States who are focused on solving challenges and scaling solutions for the aging care market. Thrive Center brings together in one place an interactive, hands-on experience of the technology, innovation and educational programs facilitated and supported by the Alliance.

Thrive Center is a non-profit 501c3. Visitors from all over the world have visited this unprecedented showcase to experience for themselves the products, multimedia experiences and programming built around the key theme of improving the quality of life. This exciting collaboration is proving that together we can build a community that thrives.

Thrive supports innovation that improves senior living

Tech & Aging

Thanks CDW Corporation for capturing our CEO, Sheri Rose, as she spreads our mission widely! Immersing seniors in technology (without fear) and valuable programs will help them live well and THRIVE!

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