The Thrive Center is honored to be selected as a nominee for the Hosparus Health Innovation Award.

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Aging Well Is the Ultimate Goal

LOUISVILLE, Ky. – The Thrive Center, a nonprofit organization located in Louisville,
Kentucky, announces the launch of the Thrive Innovation Center. The Thrive Innovation
Center will be a nonprofit innovation center focused on the needs of the aging population. The
Thrive Center’s mission is to transform the quality of life and quality of care through innovation
and education that promotes healthy aging.

Opening ceremonies and ribbon cutting will take place at the Thrive Innovation Center located at
204 E. Market Street, Louisville, KY, on October 19, 2017, at 3:30 p.m.

The astounding growth of the aging population has caught the attention of key industry players
that would like to transform the landscape of “senior care”. There are over 111 million U.S.
citizens age 50 plus and 46 million ages 65 and older. It’s been projected that the 65 and older
population will rise to 98 million by 2060.

“The Thrive Center positions Louisville, with our commitment to innovation in all areas, to be a
national leader in the growing field of aging care.  Its emphasis on the power of collaboration
between citizens, entrepreneurs, businesses and their government is a welcome addition to our
community,” said Mayor Greg Fischer.

The Thrive Innovation Center has been created as a thematic experience center where the
consumer can engage in programming and innovative technology solutions and products. With
an estimated 5 million Americans living with Alzheimer’s disease and that number expected to
nearly triple by 2050 to 14 million, the Thrive Center has chosen Memory Care (dementia,
Alzheimer’s disease and cognitive fitness) as its opening theme. Technology entrepreneurs and
innovators were challenged to create programs and interactive experiences around the memory
care theme.

“We are excited for the opening and encouraged by the collaboration and investment of key
industry players. Our passion will drive the Thrive Center and we openly embrace innovation as
the means to transform senior care as we know it today,” said Thrive Center CEO and Executive
Director, Sheri Rose.

The Thrive Center was founded by a coalition of local senior care organizations. Louisville,
which is the world’s largest hub for aging care, is home to the corporate headquarters of national
senior care companies, such as Signature HealthCARE, Kindred Healthcare, and PharMerica,
who, along with local companies Hosparus Health, Nazareth Homes, Masonic Homes of
Kentucky and Delta Dental of Kentucky, all of which have supported the Center. With
Louisville aging care companies producing over $50 billion in annual revenues and employing
over 21,000 employees in the aging care community, the Thrive Center will put a firm stamp on
and help define the City of Louisville as the aging care center of the U.S.

The Thrive Center was made possible with substantial grants from and support of the
Commonwealth of Kentucky and Louisville Metro, and with sponsorship, grants and assistance
from IT solutions provider CDW Healthcare, technology companies Samsung, Intel, Aruba, a
Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company, Lenovo, Ergotron and key healthcare stakeholders.
CDW Healthcare is a key sponsor of the new center. It has provided IT solutions and services to
create a robust and highly secure IT infrastructure that will support the organization’s mission.
CDW Healthcare also collaborated with technology providers and partners Samsung, Intel,
Aruba, and Lenovo in building out and equipping the center.

“CDW Healthcare is excited to partner with the Thrive Innovation Center in advancing its
mission to promote healthy aging through innovation. The Center will provide a unique
environment to collaborate around the goal of powering better care through technology. As a
trusted partner to healthcare organizations of all types – including senior living communities,
CDW Healthcare looks forward to working with the Center, our technology partners,
and the community on this important mission,” said Bob Rossi, Vice President of  Healthcare, CDW Healthcare.

The Thrive Center expects to convene conversations and programs around senior care, where the
entrepreneur can engage with the senior care industry, researcher and consumer. There is no
other place better than Louisville and the Thrive Center, where innovation will be embraced and
collaboration encouraged among the stakeholders who have the passion and ability
to transform the lives of the senior care population.

“When Signature HealthCARE moved to the post-acute capital of the world, we dreamed of a
collaborative place where everyone could engage the consumers, host the conversation, and drive
collective change and envision a new future,” said Joe Steier, President and CEO, Signature HealthCARE.

About Thrive Center Inc.
The Thrive Center Inc. is a nonprofit technology innovation and educational center designed
to enhance the quality of life for those aged 50+. Located in the heart of NULU in downtown
Louisville, KY, the center occupies 7,500 square foot space that features innovative technology
exhibits, specialized programming to enhance elder wellness and a series
of educational programs for the community.

Through its innovative products, dynamic programming for elders and clinical assessment
tools, the Thrive Center is poised for global impact as a cutting-edge innovation facility to promote healthy aging.
204 E Market Street, Louisville, KY 40202